Bridge Sign Companies

The following companies have actual bridge signs shown on this website from bridges in Central Illinois.

Up to about 1874 the designing and the construction of bridges were almost exclusively in tire hands of the several bridge companies. Each of these companies had its own peculiar style of bridge; consisting of a special form of truss, as the Bollman, Warren and Pratt etc. or in the use of patented forms, as the Phoenix Linville and Piper and American companies' posts and other detailed parts. Each company also had its own special geographical field, or lines of railroad, giving it the preference. Even at points where they did meet as competitors, it was rather as advocates for their special trusses of forms of posts, than as competitors upon any definite specification. Here is a partial list of companies so operating with the truss types built by each:

Name   Location   Type
American Bridge Co. Chicago, Illinois Post
Austin Bridge Co. Chicago, Illinois Austin
Berlin Iron Bridge Co. Berlin, Conn. Lenticular
Cincinnati Bridge Co. Cincinnati, Ohio Whipple
Detroit Bridge & Iron Co. Detroit, Michigan Whipple
Hawkins, Herthel & Burral Springfield, Mass. Herthal
Kellog Bridge Co. Buffalo., New York Whipple
Keystone Bridge Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. Whipple
King Bridge Co. Cleveland, Ohio King
Louisville Bridge & Iron Co. Louisville, Ky. Fink
Phoenix Bridge Co. Phoenixville, Pa. Whipple
S. & J. M. Whipple Utica, K. Y. Whipple
Wm. Bollman & Son Baltimore, Md. Bollman
Canton. Bridge Co. Canton, Ohio Post
New York Bridge Co. New York, N.Y. Ryder
Chas. Kellogg & Co. Detroit, Michigan Bollman