Home Plaques, Magnets and Original Artwork Designs of Popular Sayings, Inspirational Thoughts & Bible Verses, have been collected from open sources. Each picture is individually hand-painted by Marilee Coulter, using watercolors in the nineteenth-century tradition.

The “Family Home Plaque” is a charming gift for birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. Samples shown below can be personalized with a family name or a saying of your choice. The matting color and flower design may also be selected.  The designs are hand colored to match the selected color schemes.  Gold highlights are added to accent the charm and beauty of the plaque.

Please visit MarileeCoulter.com for detailed information on the Home Plaques and magnets. Marilee’s brother, Glenn Hohnstreiter, is a master professional photographer whose works are for sale. Please see Images of the Southwest for photos and biography.

Framed pictures can be made of homesteads and businesses for the 1873 peoria County Atlas. Also available are a variety of Railroad engine pictures See below for samples.

Bless This Home
Home Plaque


Marilee at Craft Sale $3.25 for magnets

1873 Atlas and Railroad Engines

Click on picture to go to that area

Peoria County  1873 Atlas $40 as shown
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