I guess we are called Incurable Collectors. You would know that to be true if you visited our home. We have an extensive collection of antiques and uniques. The majority of the items were collected during the early years of our marriage. The things we collect now are memories through the gathering and scanning of family and friend photos.

This Collections section of the website has a sampling of some of our collectible items. I have also included items that I started to sell but I found that I donít have the time to mess with the promotion and selling aspects. Someday I hope to add more examples.

Wooden boxes containing advertising slogans are one of our favorite collections.

Coffee cans offer a large variety of brands for collecting. Also included are cafezinhos cups.

Telephone and related insulators are made in glass and ceramic.

The railroad items collected includes date nails which were used to identify the year the railroad tie was installed.

Advertising signs come in tin, wood and paper.

Please click if you have an interest in acquiring a keychain collection. There is an interesting story of a disabled boy that collects key chains.


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