School Days
Memories and Momentos from Grade and High School days
at Elmwood, Illinois.

Grade School:  A sampling of class pictures from Elmwood Grade School including the farewell from the class of Class of 1953.

1954 Freshman: photos.

1955 Sophomore: photos

Social Life: photos of various activities

1956 Junior: photos

Senior Homecoming: photos of the Homecoming Parade and Court

1957 Senior: photos

“Girl Crazy” was the Senior Class Play present by the Class of 1957

Prophecy from the Class of 1957 Elmwood High School in Elmwood, IL was based on the “This is Your Life” TV program.  It involves the life of teacher, Mrs. Hart, and how the 44 classmates of 1957 fared 10 years later.

Class History outlines the class activities during the years in High School

Classmates: The name, known addresses and graduation pictures of the Class of 1957 are listed. Some recent photos are there too.

Some snapshots from the Class of 1957 informal 35th Reunion in 1992 at a hunting club near Canton. Also there are pictures from the 40th reunion.

The class of 1957 made a float for the annual Fall Festival to celebrate our 35th anniversary.

School Momentos includes class day, baccalaureate and commencement programs.

“Remember When” is a cartoon quiz you’ll want to take.


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